How to Focus on Homework Effectively and Efficiently

It could be very difficult to focus on homework for extended periods of time. This situation comes up often when students are dealing with a lot of work, have other responsibilities on their minds, or are simply distracted by their surrounding environments. There are some great strategies students can apply to increase the level of focus they have towards finishing their homework assignments. Here are five of the best ones contributed by students that have successfully regained their ability to focus more effectively and efficiently:

Prioritize Your Homework and Create a Schedule

Start with a plan. Have a look at your homework assignments each day before starting and prioritize them. Next, break each assignment into smaller tasks and assign a specific amount of time to complete each item. It is essential that you stay on track and keep the schedule. This will help you stay focused throughout the evening and will make completing each assignment much easier.

Create a Workspace that is Entirely Free of Clutter

Before you begin working, you need to create a workspace where you can work in peace and quiet. If your workspace is a mess it’s time to de-clutter it. The only things that should be on the table should be the tools you need to complete your homework. This should only take a few minutes to do but the activity will increase homework productivity.

Turn-Off Electronic Distractions and Other Time-Wasters

Electronic objects like cell phones, radios, televisions, and computers have contributed greatly to our inability to stay focused on important tasks. Just take a close look at your personal habits and you’re likely someone who feels the urge to have at least one of these objects one while you work. Turn off all of these time-wasters (unless you need them to finish your work). You’ll regain focus soon thereafter.

Time Your Tasks and Move On to the Next One

In order to work on your assignments effectively and efficiently, you must pay close attention to how much time specific you spend on specific tasks. If, for instance, you set aside 45 minutes to work on 10 math problems, make sure you stop when those 45 minutes are up. Set these problems aside and move onto the next section. This will prevent you from falling behind with other work you need to get to and will help prevent feeling burnt out if you aren’t able to address assignments for other classes.

Take Breaks as Necessary Away from Your Workspace

If you start your homework earlier in the day you can incorporate evenly spaced breaks throughout. Ideally, you want to leave your workspace entirely for at least 10 – 12 minutes for every 1 hour. Your schedule may vary due to the amount of work you have, which is why you need to make a plan ahead of time and stick to it.

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