9 Recommendations to Help Make Homework Interesting

Most people hate homework. It is one of the reasons children hate the learning process. The subject of homework is an issue of contention. Yet, both parents and tutors agree that homework is a necessary tradition. Tutors are not ready to let go of it. Some feel that doing away with it undermines the education system. Others feel that it gives students more time to socialize and grow social skills. 

There are a few proposals that can help students find homework interesting. If you hate homework, this article highlights some suggestions that will help.

Explain The Importance of Homework

We should be unambiguous with students when we explain the importance of a particular assignment. That way, the probability of the learner completing a task is high. Teachers should think with caution about what homework they assign the scholars.

  • Quit Grading homework

Teachers think that grading homework compels the students to do it. But in reality, if a student wants to do homework, they will. Some students will submit work that they had someone else do for them. The majority consider that the purpose of assignments is to put emphasize concepts learned in class. We need to explain these concepts to students. We need to give them options that can help them achieve the assignment goals.

  • Take Advantage Of Technology

Technology is now part of our world. Many children are on their phones almost always. So why not take advantage of it. Practicing to solve problems has proven to improve our long term memory retention. A student reinforces the wrong skill if they use it to solve a problem. Teachers can make use of sites such as the Khan Academy to help the learner or develop their websites. Students can also submit videos of themselves solving the assignments.

  • Class Debates

Class debates are both fun and exciting as students are generally competitive. Teachers can hold class discussions about particular topics. Let the students passionately give their points of view. Debates help students to develop their oratory skills. Teachers can use concept related topics to drive the motions.

  • Use Observations

A lot of information is available today. Children and adults alike are bound to miss out on something. Make use of what is happening around you to structure assignments. For example, students can study nature by observing their environment. It can be their neighborhood or their school. Tutors can structure questions based on different subjects such as cities, traffic, trees, and so on.

  • Make Homework Genuine

Students enjoy doing practical assignments. Teachers can ask learners to invent ways of making their local environment better. Practical assignments are exciting. Children are likely to do them rather than write essays.

  • Student Involvement in The Learning Plan

A teacher should allow the students to understand the end goal. Then let them come up with suggestions on how to achieve their objectives. Education is different for every student.

  • Encourage Interactions

Assignments are a great way of initiating conversations when used well. Students can use them to ask deferential questions, and the information they get they can use during class discussions.

  • Deliver Feedback

It is essential to give students feedback on their assignments. Feedback helps the learner to improve skills.


Homework is essential and there is a place for it in school. But we need to structure it better to fit the current times. Students deserve better if they are to do better. And if a student needs some guided programming homework help, he/she should be able to get it without much effort.

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