Homework Definition And History

A very important part of our life as a student, the homework, is very interesting, because it is a powerful thing that puts a student in a thinking state. Nevertheless, it can be very sensitive and difficult to understand. The first thoughts on the understanding of the homework definition begins with the ancient Greeks in the Golden Age, but the original history of homework dates back to much earlier times. The culture of homework begins with the emergence of man. But it was not yet developed until the discovery of writing. With this discovery that has led mankind to a civilized and advanced future even with digital wrist watches, the progress of homework has also been greatly accelerated. Some of these primitive Homo erectus have thought with their smaller brains to give their children a task that they should write at home. This brilliant idea was immediately accepted as a brand new type of exercise for children. This new trend has slowly become a habit. Every day, children have written two or three pages without a reason. A long time has passed. But even then, homework help was not something strange.

The ancient Greeks were concerned with the philosophical side of homework. They have asked questions about homework; For example: "What is homework?" Or "Why homework?" Or "where does it come from?" " Did it always exist, or did any power create them?" A deterministic point of view has arisen about homework. A group of philosophers have found the reason for homework. They are a means by which the adults punish the children because there are many of them, too small, hyperactive and too loud. So the reason was discovered and no obstacles remained on the way of the development of homework. With the new technology, especially with the development of atomic energy after the Second World War, homework has taken great steps and reached its present state. At our age, homework is an advanced secret weapon of the army. They have been elaborated psychologically and technically, and have been dismissed for the use of the teachers. Teachers can offer assignment help, but still, it is a task that students have to do on their own.

Homework is a constant source of conflict, both in the home and in the school. The learning in school, in the afternoon homework or tuition-lessons overloads students from socially weak families and children of foreign fellow citizens. The school system does not offer equal opportunities in this regard. Students come home tired and exhausted from school and have to do their homework. A whole army of tutors, parents and grandparents, friends and acquaintances, students and teachers is now active. Almost always students are motivated to be extrinsic, which means they have to do homework because the school system and the teachers demand it. In the nape of the neck, the homework is becoming a daily torment for many, a burden on the parents and a financial burden on the low-wage. Many students search for assignment help and there are many opportunities for it. With the development of internet, it is now much easier to complete the homework and find adequate help. This is a benefit for many students but it can also be painful for the teacher. Although, as a rule, both parents and teachers regard homework as inevitable, empirical research shows that there is no clear indication of a high-value of homework. But still, it is something students have to do in order to have a good grade in school.

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